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1 Hanged for being a Christian in Iran 6875
2 شهادت٫ بالاترین بها 9494
3 مسیحیان ایران٫ قربانی دیکتاتوری 6369
4 Why I became a Christian (Part one) 6684

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رهبران فعلی نظام ایران پس از درگذشت روح الله خمینی، در جلسه مجلس خبرگان رهبری ابتد...
Shifteh Ansari
There are no translations available. Jannati says crackdown on hejab must go on If after 31 years of tyranny Hejab goes away, the regime must go a...
There are no translations available.Question from religious leaders about joking between male and female employees Many of the staff and employees a...
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