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You could be a Muslim or a truth tracker who has heard something about Jesus Christ from acquaintances around you. May be you have met the church as a curious person or you were invited there by a friend.

You would appreciate to know more about Jesus Christ and Christianity because of the reasons above. But have you ever asked yourself that what the Koran says about Jesus and his personality? Have you ever noticed that you, as a Muslim, have little knowledge about this item? Perhaps you remember one or more verses from the Koran, but have you understood the concept of Jesus in the Koran? Have you ever studied the Koran in your own language? In your opinion, how many of Muslims study the Koran? And those who have, in which language they have they studied it? It would be admirable to be honest with ourselves and have a suitable response in depth of our mind and heart.

You are invited to have a discussion about Jesus, his life and his message in the sight of the Koran. In this discussion I have applied principals from the Koran, from the Bible, from history and from the Koran’s interpretations that have been published by famous Koran interpreters in the World of Islam.

In this booklet you will find some discussions about the Holy Spirit and also some historical evidences which prove that the word of God is not changeable.


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