Martyrs, The ultimate Price

iranchristian1According to strict Islamic laws, Muslims who change their religion should be killed. At the beginning of the revolution the Anglican Church, which was mainly made up of converts from Islam was attacked.


At the beginning of the revolution the Anglican Church, which was mainly made up of converts from Islam was attacked. Rev. Sayyah the priest in Shiraz had his throat cut, and Bahram Deghani-Tafti, the son of the Anglican bishop, was shot. More recently Islamic hostility to Christianity has concentrated on the Assemblies God churches as Muslims are becoming Christians in their churches. In December 1990 Rev. Soodmand, the leader of the church in Mashad, was executed by hanging in a prison in Mashad and then in January 1994 Bishop Haik Hovsepian Mehr and in July, the same year, Rev. Mehdi Dibaj were killed. Also in that year the sixty-two year old leader of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Tateos Michaelian, was murdered after taking over Bishop Hovsepian's position as Chairman of the Protestant. Though grieving at the moment the leaders of the church in Iran are determined to continue the work of preaching the Gospel. They fully believe the words of the great early church leader, Tertullian, "that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church" and are expecting the church to grow. With a population of over 65 million and influence over much of the Middle East and Central Asia, Iran represents a great challenge to the world-wide church. Though small and living in constant danger of persecution, the church in Iran has been a faithful witness. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution Iranians have become responsive to the Gospel and many have become Christians.



Most members of the growing house churches are threatened by this law.


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