Mysteries of the Bible: The Apocalypse 

From Old Testament Prophets to Nostradamus and beyond, people have long been fascinated with visions of the future, especially those laden with spiritual overtones.

The Book of Revelation is such a vision.

The last book of the New Testament, it contains the futuristic final showdown between God and Satan in a place called Armageddon. Filled with fiery visions, cryptic numbers and strange beasts, Revelation is perhaps the most puzzling book in all of the Scripture. What is the meaning of the Seven Seals, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and why will only 144,000 souls reach the Kingdom of God?

The mystery of the Book of Revelation extends even to the author himself. The Bible tells us it was John who spoke these words, but which John? Scholars today ask whether it was John, the Apostle, writing during a time of Christian persecution...or perhaps, the fiery messianic prophet John the Baptist. Other scholars suggest a third John: John, the Presbyter. >>>>>>Play Film

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