The Bible... In the Beginning (1966 Film)

The film of “The Bible... In the Beginning (1966 Film)” has already been translated into Persian. The translators have tried to delete some scenes and changed some words and vocals. 


So the viewer induces the unrealistic narrations of Koran are the true narrations of Abraham`s life. These changes are entirely different with the film scenario and also the Bible text which the film was adapted from. The translators have translated this film as sight of Koran! They have attempted to show that the continuation of prophecy of Abraham is through Ishmael. Instead of using the word of “Isaac” they have applied the words “son and boy” so the viewers do not realize that Ishmael is not the one who God establish his covenant with.


This Film is edited by me from the original version without any censorship and Scenes deletion. All deleted scenes and vocals changes are replaced by original and Biblical translated Persian subtitles. German subtitles are also included.>>>>>>>>Play Film
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