Question from religious leaders about joking between male and female employees

Many of the staff and employees as well as companies and governmental organisations are women. Relation between men and women who are not intimate occurs in the workplaces and sometimes it causes joking between them.

An organisation in iran has asked about joking between men and women in workplaces from some Grand Ayatollahs.

(Marja, also known as a marja-i taqlid or marja dini, literally means "Source to Imitate/Follow" or "Religious Reference". It is the label provided to Shia authority, a Grand Ayatollah with the authority to make legal decisions within the confines of Islamic law for followers and less-credentialed clerics. After the Qur'an and the Prophets and Imams, marjas are the highest authority on religious laws in Usuli Twelver Shia Islam.)

Q: What is the ruling when men and women that are not intimate to each other joking between them in the workplace without laughter?

A: Leader Ayatollah Khamenei: Generally, with passers involving corruption or fear that was to commit a sin, is not permitted.

A: Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's: if they observe the Islamic rules and also a third person exist with them or a third person is allowed to entrer without permission, then ordinary speech is  no problem.

A: Ayatollah Sistani's: It is compeletely not permitted.


Which one of these Grand Ayatollah is right? Who says the word of God?

The Grand Ayatollahs have many different concepts in one item and all the people who follow them should obey their rules. How many rules? How many God?

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